22 February 2010

pink vs. orange

I've wanted to paint our den since we moved in. I fell in love with this house I saw in Real Simple years ago that had pink and yellow walls. Since our house is mostly yellow I thought pink would be fun. Now that I've finally bought the pink and painted a section of the wall, I'm freaking out a little. I still like it, but I just don't know! I like this reddish-orange color too. What should I do?! images via real simple


  1. Maybe just do one wall pink as an accent color? Live with it for awhile and see?


  2. I vote for pink!!! I love it!


  3. I am a pink person so I would tend toward pink, but that orangey color is actually really nice!!
    The paler color is nice if the room is anything but super well-lit. It all depends on the room it's going in, I'm sure you'll make the right choice!

  4. My room as a child was pink and it is a delightful color to live in. Of course there are those 'little girl' connotations you may want to consider. You would probably have to have the decor balance that out.