30 April 2010

happy weekend

I found monarch butterflies migrating through our backyard this morning! It was such a wonderful surprise. I think I could lay on the grass and watch them fly by all day. It brought back one of my favorite childhood memories of when hundreds of monarchs flew through our neighborhood while I attempted to catch them with my butterfly net. + + +


  1. words cannot describe how much i love this post. ahhhh brings back lots of memories from childhood! have a great weekend!

  2. What a gorgeous photo! I've never seen a migration of butterflys, monarch or otherwise. You're very fortunate.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I love the picture. I must have been too young to remember the butterflies because I have no memory of that but that's fun just the same.

  4. So cute, I used to catch dragon flys and lady bugs :)

  5. we had a flurry of monarch butterflies at our wedding, one of those lovely unplanned gifts that nature brings when we least expect it.

    speaking of butterflies, my son had a little encounter of his own today