16 December 2010


I wouldn't mind visiting here sometime soon. It looks dreamy to me.
all images whitepod | found via bliss


  1. oh i would love to be there!

  2. Super cool, I wanna go. I love your blog. I think I found you on someone elses blog, I can't really remember. Stop by mine sometime www.livingfoxy.com


  3. Omg this is cool! This is MY idea of winter camping. Lol

  4. I have only seen snow once in my life (being Australian from the west coast) I was amazed at how quiet is was in the snow, it seems to absorb the sound really well so I can only imagine how quiet it would be to stay there. It looks amazing!
    This year I went to Thailand and 'camped' in tents set up a bit like this with lovely comfortable beds and bathrooms through the back of the tent - so yes this my idea of camping too! but these 'pods' look so beautiful.