05 March 2011

happy weekend

My husband bikes all the time and I've started going with him lately. These are shots from our ride today (our bikes and some cacti). You can't tell from these photos, but the desert get surprisingly green in the spring. It's pretty nice.

Lovely things I spotted: ruffle garland | doily bowl | animal planters


  1. A Cactus is always beautiful We planted a garden with different varieties of dry plants in my parents house. My sister used to stop baby goats from going near them when she was a little girl. I tell that story to her kids now and they know how sensitive there Mom has been.

  2. There's a unique beauty in the desert. I lived in northern Arizona half of my life, and when I moved south, it took me a while to see the beauty. But once you see it, it's spectacular.

  3. Love the photos! So exotic! I'm Norwegian, and the only cactus I've seen are very small ones, in peoples livingrooms.