26 September 2011

golden heart diy

This DIY is so simple and fun that you'll want to stencil every blank shirt that you can find. That's what I want to do anyway!

All you need is freezer paper, fabric paint (I used gold), a sponge brush, scissors and a shirt.

STEP 1: Cut freezer paper to 8.5"X11" (you will feed it through your printer).
STEP 2: Print design onto non-shiny side (if you would like to stencil the same heart as me, you can download it here).
STEP 3: Cut out design.
STEP 4: Iron freezer paper stencil onto shirt (shiny side down).
STEP 5: After you insert a piece of paper into the middle of the shirt, to protect it from bleeding ink, dab the paint onto the shirt (don't brush, dab).
STEP 6: Peel off freezer paper, let dry... and voilĂ , you have an awesome shirt!
*Some inks have you heat set them after they dry. Check their instructions.*

Have fun!


  1. Sorry Krystle, sadly, my step-by-step photos were accidentally erased.

  2. I love the fabric in this skirt - is it homemade?