13 January 2012

happy weekend

I finally wrote down my goals for this year. Hooray! It makes it more official, right? I love this little bookmark, from Baum-kuchen, that came with a favorite gift from my sister-in-law (she got me these!). Now I can be reminded of them often.

Favorites finds: dancing | chalkboard silhouettes for boy + girl | modular playhouse


  1. I just found our blog, i LOVE your blog name and background. Just wanted to say that. I can't wait to investigate you blog more.

  2. Shoot, I posted that comment with my old blog. I hate when that happens.

  3. aw... lisa, i am so glad that the Inspirational Investment bookmark is making coming handy for your goals1

    What a serendipity to know that your sister gave you the Brass bookmark from my shop and I am a big fan of your blog:) xoxo -wakako