17 February 2012

happy weekend

I hope you have enjoyable plans for the weekend. Other than eating a donut or two (a post-pregnancy craving of mine), I'm hoping to give our workspace a little makeover. Bits and pieces of my work have taken over much of the house, but worst of all, the kitchen table! Anyone else have this problem, ha?! One of my goals this year is to organize/simplify so I'm thinking it's about time I get it all into one spot!
photo by me

Loving these "yay for you" cupcake toppers
Dreaming about pretty picnics
Admiring these invitations


  1. I have the same problem. For a while I actually worked full-time from the kitchen table. I couldn't pick a desk so I just took over the dining area. I'm happy to have solved that problem now, though, thanks to Ikea. Good luck with your cleanup!

  2. Yesterday I had spilled out of my little studio space into the kitchen, dinning area, and onto the couch! I have no idea how it happened... Good luck with your organizing and I think I need a donut :)