09 April 2012

easter fun

While I had very good intentions, my efforts to be the Easter Bunny this year were laughably sad. Thankfully, Little G is happy with whatever at this point, so I got away with it this time. After an exhausting Saturday and eight o'clock church, I grabbed last year's basket, filled it with miscellaneous goodies and placed it outside. Then stupidly pretended like the Easter Bunny had just left it for her. It really was quite pathetic! Try again next year, mom!

Later, my husband showed her (the happier parts of) this Easter video and while Christ is breaking the bread she exclaimed, "he's making pizza!" My husband and I both thought that was pretty funny! Three-year-old's are cute!

1 comment:

  1. Aww, how sweet. I'm sure she was convinced that it was the Easter Bunny!