25 June 2012

loving: pops of bold

These super bright colors on their white backdrops are so cool! Lately, I've been really drawn to white walls, and white tile apparently, (see in the first image. I've been unintentionally pinning that everywhere. haha!) I think I love how clean and fresh it looks. It's sort of funny because almost every wall in my house is painted a color and all white would be a pretty big change. I'm not feeling ambitious enough to go painting my whole house white at the moment. We'll just keep that on the "things to do someday" list for now! Although, I don't think I want to part with all of my colorful walls. We'll leave one or two! ;)
image sources: 1) rue magazine 2) knee-on found via jen gotch 3) this is found via design for mankind


  1. I'm really like bright pops of colour too - must be the summer sun that's doing it to us!