27 September 2012

metallic leather camera strap + tassel diy

Okay, this was so fun to make! I've been wanting to make a new strap for my Instax Mini forever! It didn't cost me much either. I bought a metallic leather remnant off of Etsy for $4, used some leather-like string that I already had and a ring off an old purse. And I think there is leather glue out there, but I had some super glue and it worked just fine. I made mine for my Fuji Instax Mini, but it would probably work for other cameras too.
 CLICK HERE to download the templates & instructions! (I'm really really sorry if my instructions are confusing. I tried my best!)
photos by me | DOWNLOAD templates + instructions


  1. This is awesome. I have an instax and want to do this, thanks!

  2. so cool!

    Can both of you speak to the camera? I read about this in a magazine and would love firsthand feedback. Thanksl

    1. lori, i love my instax! i love the imperfections and the dreamy look of instant photos!

  3. My frumpy camera strap is in perfect shape and works great ... but now I have an overwhelming desire to make this one because I'm a sucker for tassels. Thanks!

  4. I could totally make something like that for my clutch!

  5. This is adorable!! Thanks Lisa!

  6. Okay.... first... I know I am late, forgive me. I HAD to say SOMETHING because all of this was going in the trash an hour ago. Second, I am putting one of these on everything and everyone that belongs to me. Third, thank you for giving me something easy and cute to start with! Again... it was going in the trash. All of it. LOL! Thank you!