27 September 2012

metallic leather camera strap + tassel diy

Okay, this was so fun to make! I've been wanting to make a new strap for my Instax Mini forever! It didn't cost me much either. I bought a metallic leather remnant off of Etsy for $4, used some leather-like string that I already had and a ring off an old purse. And I think there is leather glue out there, but I had some super glue and it worked just fine. I made mine for my Fuji Instax Mini, but it would probably work for other cameras too.
 CLICK HERE to download the templates & instructions! (I'm really really sorry if my instructions are confusing. I tried my best!)
photos by me | DOWNLOAD templates + instructions


  1. This is awesome. I have an instax and want to do this, thanks!

  2. so cool!

    Can both of you speak to the camera? I read about this in a magazine and would love firsthand feedback. Thanksl

    1. lori, i love my instax! i love the imperfections and the dreamy look of instant photos!

  3. My frumpy camera strap is in perfect shape and works great ... but now I have an overwhelming desire to make this one because I'm a sucker for tassels. Thanks!

  4. I could totally make something like that for my clutch!

  5. This is adorable!! Thanks Lisa!